[Sca-cooks] A FORME OF CURY manuscript to go online

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Sep 25 18:51:26 PDT 2008

While I appreciate folks thinking of the Florilegium for this, as  
Johnnae mentions it would be against copyright law to add this to the  
Florilegium without permission from the copyright holder.  And the  
copyright holder may or may not be Professor Hieatt, depending upon  
the policies where the material was published.

Copyright also does not end with the death of the author. It  
continues past that and can be extended by the heirs or whomever the  
copyright holder is.

Of course, if Professor Hieatt gave me permission to publish  
something of hers in the Florilegium, I would consider it a great  
honor and would do so. :-)

I do have a copy of a Maya cookbook by Gene Anderson, "MAYALAND  
CUISINE: THE FOOD OF MAYA MEXICO" which I need to get online when  
time permits.  It is long overdue.  But in this case, I have the  
permission of the author.


Let me also state for the record that Professor Hieatt is alive and  
We should respect her rights as a living author and not be putting *her*
academic articles into the Florilegium.



And it would violate copyright to place that article in the Florilegium!
The fact that it is not available on JSTOR means that the University
doesn't want it made widely available!


Nick Sasso wrote:
If you were to get a copy for the Florilegium, then we could all use  
it at
will.  If not, then I would greatly appreciate a (digital?) copy of that

niccolo difrancesco
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