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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Sep 28 00:03:47 PDT 2008

 >> I have been working on this book for some time, up until my  
husband accidently deleted all my files.

Mistress Huette,

Did you try an undelete program to try to recover it? Of course the  
sooner you do this the more of it you are likely to recover.

<<< That is one reason that I have been periodically copying my  
current translation online.  It makes my work available for anyone  
that wants to use it it, visible to anyone else who wants to work on  
it, but mostly backs it up, so it can't disappear if my computer has  
a problem.

Ranvaig >>>

If you have translated some material, if I can add it to the  
Florilegium without violating copyright, I am usually more than happy  
to do so. Anything submitted remains the property of the author and I  
have no problem with it being posted elsewhere. For instance, if you  
also have it on your personal website, I will happily add a note to  
the translation telling readers that they can find more material from  
an author on such and such site.

Such a work also does not have to be "finished" before I first  
publish it. I like to think that readers may point out problems with  
translations or at least ask questions which the author can use to  
improve their translation.  Since I will accept updates at any time,  
this lets you update your work as you do more of it or learn more.

So, as Ranvaig, mentions this acts as a sort of backup.  In addition,  
I will also have another master copy here at home.

I've had one or two people say they weren't going to send me their  
work until it is "perfect".  It will never be "perfect". In the  
meantime folks can be learning from the work you've already done,  
even if it isn't "perfect".

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