[Sca-cooks] Call for instructors: Calontir Cook's Symposium - April 24, 25, and 26th 2009

G. Allen Johns wombat_girl at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 25 09:29:19 PDT 2008

Calontir Cook's Symposium 2009 - A Temperance of Cooks II: How Sweet It Is 

April 24, 25, and 26th 2009 - Sponsored by the Shire of Lost Moor (St.
Joseph, MO)


The second Calontir Cook's Symposium is approaching.  And we're looking for
instructors!  It will be an all-day event, with multiple tracks of classes,
a potluck feast, and a lunch-time keynote speech provided by Dame Alys
Katherine.  Additionally, this year's symposium will feature a themed track
of Subtleties and Sugar Work.  


We would love to have you teach!  We're looking for classes on topics that
deal with subtleties, sugar work, period cooking, period cooking techniques,
feast stewarding, and other medieval food-related areas.  If you would like
to teach a class, please send me (Gwen A'Brooke - wombat_girl at hotmail.com
<mailto:wombat_girl at hotmail.com> ) an email detailing the class topic, class
title, class size, AM or PM preference, class fee (if any), and if your
class needs a kitchen or other special requirements.  (We have both outdoor
cooking and hands-on class space available)


Find more information at our web site: http://www.calontir.org/cooksguild/  

Additionally - if you have a class you'd like to see, even if you aren't the
one to teach it, please e-mail me.  We should be able to arrange something.


Yours in Service,


Mistress Gwen A'Brooke, Event Steward
Wombat_girl at hotmail.com 


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