[Sca-cooks] Tobacco and Chocolate in new book

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Sep 29 17:58:50 PDT 2008

New volume due out in October on Chocolate and Tobacco!

Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures: A History of Tobacco and
Chocolate in the Atlantic World (Hardcover) by Marcy Norton.
        Hardcover: 334 pages; Publisher: Cornell University Press 
(October 2008)ISBN-10:0801444934 ISBN-13: 978-0801444937

"Before Columbus's fateful voyage in 1492, no European had ever seen,
much less tasted, tobacco or chocolate. Initially dismissed as dry
leaves and an odd Indian drink, these two commodities came to conquer
Europe on a scale unsurpassed by any other American resource or product.
A fascinating story of contact, exploration, and exchange in the
Atlantic world, Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures traces the ways in which
these two goods of the Americas both changed and were changed by Europe.

Focusing on the Spanish Empire, Marcy Norton investigates how tobacco
and chocolate became material and symbolic links to the pre-Hispanic
past for colonized Indians and colonizing Europeans alike." The author
is the Associate Editor of Tobacco in History and Culture: An Encyclopedia.



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