[Sca-cooks] Honey Butter

wyldrose wyldrose at tds.net
Wed Apr 1 08:10:07 PDT 2009

When I was a kindergartner in rural Minnesota I had honey-butter on 
cornbread.  It was considered an 'old' standard for the school in the 
mid-1960's.    I ember going to feasts in  the early 1980's in  the Midwest 
and honey butter was a standard, as was strawberry butter and other fruits 
mixed with butter.
   I would assume that there were additives to butter through out the ages 
because my mom would talk about how they added coloring to the butter so it 
wasn't white during WWII and how her granmother would add a little carrot 
juice to the butter for 'company' in the 1880's.  As some one eles 
mentioned, milk(cream) can taste 'off' when the cows  get into the wrong 
plants and it would be worth the effort to make the butter more palatable by 
adding 'flavors' to cover the off taste.
   On the other hand, my Finnish cousins who were dairy farmers (and still 
spoke Finnish at home) never added anything but carrot juice to their butter 
and never, ever added anything else  to their home made butter and would 
staunchly eat  eventhemost vial tasting butter.

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