[Sca-cooks] Hi again everyone!!!

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 3 08:41:49 PDT 2009

Olwen the Odd wrote:
> As for me, I stepped into the position of Head of the Bright Hills Cooks Guild but will be stepping down this month or next as I will be heading to the wonderful lands of Drachenwald come June.  Of course the first thing I volunteered for there is to ask if I can lend a hand in the kitchen for the Coronation of the new Heirs, Sir Gerhardt and Mistress Judith.  Away from this home and right into cooking for friends and family.  hehehehe...timing is everything!

Moving to Drachenwald, like permanently?  That'll be a change of 
scenery.  At least you know how to make a good first impression.  The 
way to the populace's heart is through its stomache too!

I guess people are prepping for Easter and Passover, I know I am.  
Meanwhile, back in the Middle Ages, it's late Lent, period food is 
borrring right about now, running out of stockfish and almonds and 
looking longingly at eggs and cheese.  Say, what did they do about 
laying hens anyway?  You can make cheese out of milk, but what did they 
do with the steady supply of perishable eggs?


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