[Sca-cooks] Easter. Passover, eggs and chickens.

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Selene said:
<<< I guess people are prepping for Easter and Passover, I know I am.>>>

When are these? Obviously I'm not. :-)

Olwen, this list wasn't busy yesterday, but it sure was earlier this  

<<< Meanwhile, back in the Middle Ages, it's late Lent, period food is
borrring right about now, running out of stockfish and almonds and
looking longingly at eggs and cheese.  Say, what did they do about
laying hens anyway?  You can make cheese out of milk, but what did they
do with the steady supply of perishable eggs? >>>

As discussed here previously, eggs, especially if the surrounding  
film hasn't been washed off, will last quite a number of weeks if  
kept cool. So I imagine they could have kept them for eating at  
Easter and afterwards. Besides part of the reasoning, there seems to  
be some logic sometimes to these food restrictions, is that rather  
than eating the eggs, they go to producing chicks which grow into  
chickens you can eat *later*.  Also, for various reasons, medieval  
chickens don't seem to have been quite so prolific in laying eggs as  
we are used to modern chickens doing.

There is some more info on this in the eggs-msg and the fowls-a-birds- 
msg files in the Florilegium.

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