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> <<I would assume that there were additives to butter through out the ages
> because my mom would talk about how they added coloring to the butter so it
> wasn't white during WWII and how her granmother would add a little carrot
> juice to the butter for 'company' in the 1880's. >>
> I seem to remember in the "Little House on the Prairie" books, Laura
> mentioning that they added carrot juice or something to the butter in the winter to
> make it yellow, because winter butter was white - apparently the color changes
> if the cows don't eat fresh grass or something.  Don't have the books here to
> check, unfortunately.
> Brangwayna Morgan

Farmer Boy. And it was the butter that Almanzo's mother was going to sell, 
in barrels. Hence "butter & egg money".

Margaret FitzWilliam

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