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Sun Apr 5 08:23:01 PDT 2009

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> No.  Well, maybe "Farmer Boy," too, but I'm really pretty sure I read
> about  the grated carrots in "Little House in the Big Woods."
> --Maire

Yup -- it's in Little House in the Big Woods (too) (the Little House books
are available in limited preview on google books)

"Ma liked everything on her table to be pretty, so in the wintertime she
colored the butter.

After she had put the cream in the tall crockery churn and set it near the
stove to warm, she washed and scraped a long orange-colored carrot. Then
she grated it on the bottom of the old, leaky tin pan that Pa had punched
full of nail-holes for her. Mat rubbed the carrot across the roughness
until she had rubbed it all through the holes, and when she lifted up the
pan, there was a soft, juicy mound of grated carrot.

She put this in a little pan of milk on the stove and when the milk was hot
she poured milk and carrot into a cloth bag. Then she squeezed the bright
yellow milk into the churn, where it colored all the cream. Now the butter
would be yellow."

toodles, margaret

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