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Right. We have discussed the illustration in the past but now we have the
full translation of the document I am wondering if anyone has run across
dairy products sweetened with honey in the actual text.

I have not looked through it to any great degree at this point being that it
is a bit late for my interests even if it is Italian.


On 4/5/09 2:46 PM, "Stefan li Rous" <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com> wrote:

> Eduardo asked:
> <<< On plate 4 of Scappi- Dairy Products, there is a gentleman at a
> churn and
> the description under it says "Latte mele si fa" (To make honey milk).
> Does anyone know if there are descriptions, either in the menus or the
> recipes for sweetened milk products or honey butter? >>>
> There is a question about what that description really says. Here is
> one of several messages from the past about that/those illustrations.
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> Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 08:10:06 -0700
> From: Anne-Marie Rousseau <acrouss at gte.net>
> Subject: Re: SC - Honey Butter
> hi all from Anne-Marie
> Arglwydd tells us:
> At 03:10 PM 5/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> I was reading Anne Willan's "Great Cooks and Their Recipes from
> Taillevent
>> to Escoffier" and I came across a reference to honey butter in late
> period.
>> On page 42 while discussing Bartolomeo Scappi's "Opera" (1570) she
>> captions a drawing "Scappi advises a cool place with high windows as a
>> dairy.  A kitchen boy twirls a whisk between both hands while
> another at
>> right stirs honey butter."  The drawing itself has captions which
> may support
>> her translation.
>> Does anyone know what "Luochi freschi doue fá lauoreri de latte"
> translates
>> as?  Or "Si fa lauoreri di latte"? Or "neueue si fa"? Or "latte
> mele si fa"
>> I also wonder, is the boy with the whisk whipping cream?
> This particular picture is the source of much discussion in the Madrone
> Culinary Guild. We have a couple bodies who specialize in Italian food
> history, and I believe the general take was that The kitchen boy
> twirling
> the whisk is indeed making whipped cream ("he makes snow" I believe
> is the
> caption). The other boy, at the butter churn is cited as "he makes sweet
> milk". There is some debate as to whether or not this is really making
> honey butter (will butter churn with honey added? or is he just
> taking soft
> butter and using the churn to mix it? seems wasteful... though somone
> gets
> to lick the paddle :)), or whether he¹s making sweet butter, ie not
> salted...
> - --Anne-Marie
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> Although I guess now that the new translation of Scappi is available,
> this can get revisited.
> This message was in the butter-msg file in the FOOD section of the
> Florilegium. However, late last night/early this morning I spun off
> most of the messages on honey/herbed butter to this new file in the
> flavord-butrs-msg (28K)  4/ 5/09    Period and SCA, flavored butters.
> At this time the old version of the butter-msg file is on the site,
> and this one isn't. However, that will change sometime in the next
> few days.
> For more information on the "snow", see this file in the FOOD-SWEETS
> section:
> snow-msg          (10K)  5/18/06    "Snow", a white, creamy
> confection often
>                                         served with wafers.
> Stefan
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