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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Apr 5 20:36:14 PDT 2009

I said:

<<< Further reading of the Wikipedia article does indicate that the  
stuff  you
get in the grocery store, labeled as "maraschino" cherries has  little
resemblance to the real thing, being saturated in red food  coloring and
having almond flavoring added. I wonder if "real"  marachino cherries  
still available and at what price. Once I'm  employed again, perhaps I'm
going to have to get some so I can  compare these to what I thought were
marashino cherries.

Stefan >>>

To which Bear replied:

<<< The varieties of cherries used in making today's maraschino  
cherries are
sweet where the marasca cherry is sour, so there is probably a world of
difference. >>>

Not having had a wide variety of cherries, I'd have to say yes,  
probably. But how much difference after being marinated in this  
liquor? Or is the use of the real liquor, rather than an artificial  
almond flavoring in water going to make the biggest difference? It  
would be interesting to find out.

<<< As to getting a real maraschino cherry, Luxardo, probably the
world's largest manufacturer of maraschino, packs marasca cherries in  
own juice for sale at obscene mark ups. >>>

That's what I was afraid of. Sort of like real Maple Syrup vs. the  
artificial stuff. Or the margarine and the butter we've been  
discussion lately. In that case, having grown up eating margarine  
because it was so much cheaper, while I can tell the difference when  
I'm eating what people said was butter, I'm not sure how consistently  
accurate I would be in a blind-taste test. The variation between  
different butters may be much larger than between many butters and  
the better margarines.

When you say "own juice", do you mean the cherry juice? or the  
Maraschino cordial juice?

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