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Eduardo clarified:

<<< Right. We have discussed the illustration in the past but now we  
have the
full translation of the document I am wondering if anyone has run across
dairy products sweetened with honey in the actual text.>>>

*Is* this volume (Scully's translation of Scappis 'Opera') a full  

And would some of the cookbook experts here like to describe how this  
volume compares to other translations of Scappi's work? And what are  
the other translations which are available?

I can remember in the past discussing and comparing various  
translations of various cookbooks. Even for the same manuscript they  
each seem to have pros and cons.

For those who might be curious, here are some previous comparisons in  
the Florilegium FOOD-BOOKS section:
cb-rv-Apicius-msg (66K) 12/ 1/06    Reviews of cookbooks having  
Apicius recipes.
cb-rv-Platina-msg (27K)  1/30/05    Reviews of cookbooks having  
Platina recipes.
cb-rv-Taillvt-msg  (9K)  6/28/05    Reviews of books having  
Taillevent's recipes

For those who may have missed it, here is Mistress Helewyse's review  
of Scully's translation.
Scully-Opera-rev  (12K)  3/22/09    "Lost in Translation – a critical  
review of
                                       the Scully translation of  
Scappis 'Opera'"
                                       by Mistress Helewyse de  

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