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Louise Smithson helewyse at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 05:38:51 PDT 2009

There are examples of neve (snow) being served in the Italian feasts in Scappi in the last course from the credenza, ricotta or butter sprinkled with sugar is served in the first course and "heads of cream" are also referenced (think clotted cream).  I'd have to go and double check for references to latte mele.  As far as diary recipes Scappi itself has only one and that is for heads of cream, essentially cream is heated slowly and the skin that forms on the top is lifted off and this is repeated, it is served with sugar.  The one recipe for "latte mele" I did find was in another source entirely. The transcription and translation can be found here: 
    Vinc. Che modo tenete voi nel fare si delicato il
latte mele? 
    Scal. Posta la panna con acqua rosa in una bacia,
ò altro vaso con modo si sbatte, & si rivolge con le bacchettine
legate per quanto si tengono in mano, & le cime bene sparse, riducendola
in schiuma, la quale si vlevando col mescolo forato di mano in mano, secondo
che si fà (ponendovi sopra del zucchero bene spolverizato) &
si mette ne i piatti, seguitando pure a rivolgere, fin ch’è finita
di ridurre in schiuma. 
    Vinc. Which way do you use to make the delicate
honeyed milk. 
    Scal. Put the cream with rose water in a basin or
other vessel in order to beat it, and one turns it with bundled wand (split
sticks) as much as one can hold in your hand, with the shoots well
spread, and one reduces it to foam, the which one lifts out with a holed
spoon a bit at a time, after it is made (put above well powdered
sugar) and put in plates, continue to mix until all is reduced to foam. 

> On plate 4 of Scappi- Dairy Products, there is a gentleman at a churn and
> the description under it says "Latte mele si fa" (To make honey milk).
> Does anyone know if there are descriptions, either in the menus or the
> recipes for sweetened milk products or honey butter?
> Eduardo


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