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Tue Apr 7 21:53:05 PDT 2009

Reyni-Hrefna mentioned:

<<< This made me think of funnel cakes.  If you put a medium thick  
batter in
a plate with holes it would drop down in spots, making a thin, lacy,
crispy cake on a griddle.  The drops of batter should spread into each
other. >>>

Generally funnel cakes are made by dropping the batter into hot oil.  
There are quite a number of period recipes for these. Mid-period and  
late, English and German. There are also some other variations such  
as dripping the batter on to a stick.

I'm not sure if there is a connection with "Riddles" or not, but you  
might be interesting in trying some of the recipes in this file in  
the FOOD-BREADS section of the Florilegium.

fried-breads-msg  (42K) 12/ 9/08    Period fried breads. Funnel  
cakes, donuts.

There is also information in there on period donuts and waffles.

Reyni-Hrefna, it may simply be my bad memory (there is more than one  
reason for the Florilegium...) but I don't recognize your name.  If  
you are new here, Welcome! and please feel free to tell us something  
about yourself and what brings you to this list.

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