[Sca-cooks] Medivall bilingual culinary dictionary

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 18:04:20 PDT 2009

Before I had two vertebrates elevated with coral on 31 Mar I had my 400+ 
page manuscript printed out to correct it. It is horrible. It consists 
of  Spanish words like 'urogallo' then the English translation 
'capertcaillie' and an explanation of this bird in English with 
citations such as the 13th C anonymous Andalusian MS or whatever Spanish 
medieval text (in general) so when you go to my cited texts you can 
understand it in English - what the author is talking about.
Then I look more - tocino, tocino de caja, tocino de espinazo, tocino de 
jamon etc etc. I explain and cite each item.
Why did I do this? Is it sellable or perhaps I should throw it out??? 
Its an Old Spanish/English historical culinary dictionary essentially.
Perhaps my text is not so terrible. Perhaps I am so well that that I am 
totally bored with myself,  my restrictions, no driving etc, make me 
damn  my work. Could it be   meaningful?. Is this possible or is it a 
bunch of junk?

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