[Sca-cooks] West African Food in the Middle Ages

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Apr 18 14:24:14 PDT 2009

> "It is important for historians studying West Africa before the sixteenth
> century, particularly social and economic historians, to know what the
> basic foods were before the arrival of crops from the Americas such as
> maize, cassava, ground nuts, red peppers and tomatoes.
> Johnnae

The ground nuts reference caught me by surprise until I realized they were 
referring to Arachis hypogea, the peanut.   Vigna subterranea, the Bambara 
or African groundnut, is the indigenous ground nut of West Africa and it is 
a basic food stuff in Africa.

Looks like a book I want to add to the collection.


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