[Sca-cooks] Thanks to Huette...

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 18 16:46:50 PDT 2009

Thank you Kiri!  I am glad you liked it!  Yes, I think that it would be fine without the gnocchi.  I was trying for a balanced, all-in-one casserole [i.e. protein+starch+veggies]  Gnocchi is a very bland pasta, but adds an interesting texture and contrast to the dish.  It also gives you a good sop for the sauce.  I got my Calvados from BevMo but it works well with apple brandy too.  I haven't tried it with hard apple cider yet, though.  That might work also.  I am very happy with how the strong apple flavor doesn't fight with the spinach and doesn't overwhelm the scallops.  I originally made it with heavy cream, but the second time I made it, I found I was out of cream and substituted sour cream instead.  I think that sour cream adds a better flavor and so I only use sour cream now.
And thank you for posting the recipe for me. 

Interesting side story.  Hroar told me before we got married that he hated shellfish.  But that was probably because he was from the MidWest and didn't have access to really fresh shellfish.  Since you and I live on coasts, albeit opposite coasts, we have access to fresh-of-the-boat shellfish.  Hroar has changed his mind about shellfish, or at least the dishes that I make.


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> Amongst the recipes I had saved from this list, I found this
> absolutely
> wonderful recipe for Scallops with Spinach...cooked with
> Calvados and apple
> butter and served in a casserole with gnocchi...it sounded
> wonderful, so
> last night I fixed it.  I did have a little
> "oops" in that I overlooked the
> gnocchi and made it with spinach, scallops and the
> wonderful sauce.  After
> thoroughly enjoying it and patting myself on the back for a
> job well done, I
> looked at the print-out of the recipe and discovered that
> it came from Dame
> Huette...many thanks, dear friend.  I think I'll try it
> with the gnocchi
> next time, but it works well as I did it, especially as we
> are trying to
> keep our carb count as low as possible.
> But thanks, Huette.  Just goes to show that the best cooks
> are here among my
> friends!
> Kiri
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