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I suspect that the association of scallops and other shellfish with 
onions goes back a long way.
Here's a passage from 1562 that urges "muskels" and oysters be eaten in 
such a way.
Scallopes are dismissed as being hard to digest as according to Galen, 

"As for Lympetes, Cockels, Scallopes, as Galen sayth, they be hard of 
digestion. Muskels, and Oysters, would be wel boyled, rosted, or baked 
With Onions, wyne, Butter, Suger, Ginger, & Peper, or els they be wyndy, 
& Flegmatike:… 
cholorike stomackes may wel digest raw Oysters, but they haue cast manye 
one away, yet raw Oysters wil clense the raynes. Page 79
Bullein, William, d. 1576. Bulleins bulwarke of defence against all 
sicknesse 1562

Likewise the waters off Virginia have long been noted as a rich source 
of seafood.

By 1602 it was being reported

“Lobstars. Crabbes. Muscles. Wilks. Cockles. Scallops. Oisters.” could 
be found in coastal waters of Virginia.

This from A briefe and true relation of the discouerie of the north part 
of Virginia being a most pleasant, fruitfull and commodious soile: made 
this present yeere 1602, by Captaine Bartholomew Gosnold. By Brereton, 
John, 1572-ca. 1619., Hayes, Edward, fl. 1602. published 1602


> Interesting...both are fried with onions and some sort of spices.  The first 
> recipe--I wonder if the "clear leaves" (whatever those are) or the wheat 
> sprouts would have the same sort of tart flavor the sorrel would.  And a 
> good garlic sauce (from the 2nd recipe) would be lovely....
> Might have to try this....mmmmm.....seafood, nom, nom, nom......
> --Maire
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> From: "Johnna 
> *Le Viandier de Taillevent pretty much calls for the same.* > 
> Scallops. Pick them over well, scald and wash them, brown them in oil
> > with chopped onions and Spice Powder, and eat them with good White
> > Garlic [Sauce].

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