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According to one website, Alaska has three kinds of scallops in their waters, the Bay Scallop, the Rock Scallop and the Weathervane Scallop.
I found another website that states that China has introduced the Bay Scallop into their waters.  I couldn't tell if these were farmed scallops or those allowed to live free.  I have found several sites that state most of the Bay scallops sold in markets are farmed.

The Rock scallop is a West Coast scallop.  It is protected here in California, but not in other states.  I have had Rock scallops and they are deliscious.  But I can only get them now in Oregon and Washington.

The Weathervane are very similar to Atlantic Sea Scallops, but are not quite as large.

Adamantius, according to what I found, dried scallops come from China and are call 'conpoy'.


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> > The only ones I remember seeing were frozen or fresh in
> plastic  wrapped trays. Usually I see larger ones, inch and
> a half in  diameter? which are sea scallops and smaller,
> cheaper ones about an  inch in diameter called "bay
> scallops".
> > 
> > Stefan
> It the "bay scallops" you saw were cheaper than
> the large scallops, then they were probably fakes punched
> out of the larger Atlantic scallops.  A true Bay scallop,
> Argopecten irridians, is a small scallop that grows in
> protected waters primarily along the Altantic coast and off
> shore islands. The species is in general decline, probably
> due to a decline in eel grass, and the US harvest has been
> strictly controlled for decades, thus the real Bay scallop
> is expensive.  It also has superior texture and a sweet
> flavor that make it worth the price.
> Bear 
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