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The conditions that stimulate growth are temperature, moisture and light.
Coversely, storing your food crops in the opposite conditions will help
preserve them. All these vegetables need to be stored at temperatues
warmer than freezing and cooler than the growing temperature somewhere
aound 48 degrees. Storing carrots and parsnips and the like in sand works
well.  We haven't done this lately as the sand can get messy.

Not all varieties of carrots, etc will store the same.  We found that some
varieties work better than others. (usually the seed catalog will tell you
if it is a good storage variety.)

We store our potatoes in boxes that have air holes and in straw and in the
dark. Plus we store them in the coldest room in the house along with the
wine, the ale and stout.

We were sorting out seed potatoes recently and found an entire box of
Yukon golds that hadn't started to sprout. yum roasted potatos.

Maeva in An Tir

> Once upon a time I read about an idea of storing root vegetables buried in
> buckets of clean sand (the sort one would buy for a child's sandbox).  I
> have no recollection of where I saw this idea.  I presume the idea is to
> mimic the dark, cool environment of a root cellar.  Has anyone ever heard
> of or  tried such a method of storing veggies?
> Felicia
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