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Limited resources have reduced my ablility to add to my SCA libraries, but this is simply one book I must have in my cookbook collection.


Katira al-Maghrebiyya
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> > In the meantime can anyone tell me a bit about this theory that all of a
> > sudden we could have had products in Spain previously claimed as American 
> > but now seem to be African introduced by the so called Arabs before the 
> > 16th century?
> > Suey
> After 1492, food stuffs from the Americas moved into West Africa via the 
> Portuguese slave trade and became staples there. Peanuts, for example, 
> originate in the Andes, came to Europe via Spain, then went to Africa from 
> Portugal. It is very possible that the North American slave trade 
> introduced peanuts into North America. "West African Food in the Middle 
> Ages" looks at the food stuffs that were in use before the influx of New 
> World foods. A similar work that studies the trade marginalization of food 
> stuffs in Spain and the New World is: Bermejo, J.E. Hernandez, and Leon, 
> J., "Neglected crops 1492 from a different perspective," Food and 
> Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1994; which can be found 
> webbed at: http://www.fao.org/docrep/t0646e/t0646e00.HTM .
> Bear 
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