[Sca-cooks] Outlands Coronation Feast-PSA

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 06:36:54 PDT 2009

> <<< As some of you may or may not know - the original cook for the feast
> has,
> well, how do I put this, ..., quit. >>>
> Oh My! For a Coronation Feast?! No assistant cook? No "Drop-dead"
> replacement?

Nope - Nobody, Nothing

> <<< I have agreed to step in at this late hour.
> We are keeping the feast in the German-esque style originally planned
> although the menu has been slightly altered. >>>
> What would you like to change? What ingredients do you have available?
> Perhaps folks here can give some substitute recipes or items which might
> work better.

At this point the notice is up so I'm not changing anything.  We have some
reservations based upon this menu and I don't want to "bait and switch" on

> Best of luck in taking over this high-pressure position.

> <<< I apologize in advance to those of you who do not use potatoes or corn
> in
> your feast preparations.  I promise that while the ingredients may not (or
> may - depending on your research) be period the meal will be yummy. >>>
> Well, if someone has evidence for these in Germany before 1600 CE, I'd sure
> like to see it.  ...and add the info to the Florilegium.
> <<< There will be vegetarian options and some gluten free and kosher style
> (definitely not glak kosher). >>>
> We've discussed "kosher" before, but what is "glak kosher"?

glak kosher is super duper - orthodox kosher - some Orthodox wouldn't eat if
it isn't super certified (at least this is what we called it back in New

I can cook "kosher style" but I'm not kashering my kitchen just for a
feast!  And kashering a church kitchen (where feast will be prepared) - not

> <<< pierogi - potato/cheese - vegetarian (there may be a second filling -
> sauerkraut)
> gratin savayard - potato/cheese casserole - vegetarian/gluten free>>>
> Lots of potato and cheese. I wonder if leaving out some of the potato and
> just making some cheese pierogi might be preferred by some folks.
> However, period or not, I'd like to see your recipe for this "gratin
> savayard". Might be an interesting dish to fix at home.

As Adamantius mentioned - it's a potato and cheese dish with a broth instead
of cream.  It satisfies the gluten free people and isn't nearly as heavy as
an au gratin would be.  The last time I made it (for dinner with friends)
there wasn't a scrap left.

The recipe I have calls for layering the potatos and cheese lasagna style.
It's from a book called "A passion for potatos" - I'll substitute vegetable
broth for the chicken broth to keep it vegetarian.

<<< condiments - sauerkraut, sour cream, mustards >>>

Are you making or buying the sauerkraut and mustards?

I have some sour cabbage left over from mid-winter feast that I'll use for
this.  It's just cabbage and salt - it's been "stewing" for several months
now, should be good and ready!

If I have time we'll make the mustards.  At a mustard workshop we had last
year we created something we like to call Caer Galen Blue Mustard - we added
some grape juice to it and it comes out with a blueberry hue to it and since
Caer Galen's colors are blue and gold - that's the name.  It tasted good
too.  If I can find the recipe we'll go with that.


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