[Sca-cooks] Special diet friendly sweets - the results

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Apr 22 11:38:24 PDT 2009

Hello, just now clearing up my backlog. I have been on vacation in Apulia, Italy and just a small detail to beet tops:

They are still used down there as vegetable, just sauteed in olive oil and mixed with noodles, we had that as a primi piati in one of the hotels.

btw Apulia is all Castellos, medieval village centers, Byzantine Romanesque or Romanesques churches and beautifull landscape, (well in between are some modern cities but almost all have retained their historic city centers as teh have been)


Drachenwals, Ad Flumen Caerulum
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>> I think, in the end, my cooking for dinner yesterday was pretty
>> successful. The torta bolognese tasted quite nice - I was able to find
>> red swiss chard in the grocery store.
> Just curious -- has anyone tried this recipe using beet tops?  (I"m pretty
> well convinced that's what "bleeta" is in this recipe). I haven't been able
> to get my hands on a good fresh quantity to try (haven't grown beets in
> years). 
> Thanks!
> toodles, margaret 

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