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Good point....
Several years ago, while deep in the night-before-the-event feast prep for a 
3 course Andalusian feast (and coordinated lunch), I came down with one of 
the worst cases of the flu I've ever had in my life.  My poor autocrat, 
luckily a skilled cook in her own right, had to take over all cooking for 
that day, with the help of many local volunteers.  I'm told it actually went 
quite well, between the willing hands, and me being seriously over-organized 
with my menus, lists of tasks, dishes, etc, etc. (all done in advance, for 
once).  It's not an optimal situation, but it can be done!

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> And this isn't always a disaster.  Some years back, I was scheduled to 
> cook
> a Far Eastern event...I was the only one in our Barony who knew much, if
> anything, about this cuisine.  I did all of the research, came up with a
> recipe, did a pre-cook, got everything ready.  Then a couple of days 
> before
> the event, I got word that my step-mother has passed away.  And I needed 
> the
> other person who really knew what I was doing with me...my husband!  Our
> friends from our group and several other neighboring groups picked up 
> where
> I left off and cooked what I'm given to understand, a dynamite feast.  So 
> it
> can be done...
> Kiri 

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