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Yes, please, a sample of red ginger candy would be lovely; Dan goes out to 
sea on a boat for his job and ginger is good for his seasickness.
Dan Phelps
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> Greetings to all,
> I am hiding my face in embarrassment.  There were so many requests for
> samples that I ran out of stock of the red ginger.
> No fear- I talked the manufacturer in San Francisco into making a batch 
> out
> of season. Remember they only make it during the Chinese New Year.
> So I hope you all like it and will want to order some . For I now have 32
> lbs of it!!
> Samples will go out shortly for all of you who did not get them.
> Hey, anyone else want to get on the list send me a private post with your
> mailing address for a sample.
> And remember your address goes NOWHERE, we don't do that.
> Mora
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