[Sca-cooks] 16th cent. kitchen print

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sat Apr 25 20:54:41 PDT 2009

You can always look these posts up in the archives if you miss one or
lose the bookmark.

In the meantime, the original engraver was listed as Justus Sadeler.

One rather poor version of the print turns up here:
*Preparing for a Feast*
Justus Sadeler after Antonio Tempesta c. 1600 Credit: Hulton Archive

When one looks for the original by Antonio Tempesta, one comes across it as
January: A Kitchen.  Antonio Tempesta  published 1599.
He turns up all over the place.
The kitchen scene is in ARTstor for those with academic access, but even 
better it's at LA County.


The entire set is listed here: Several of the other prints are quite 
cool and interesting as well.


Gwen Barclay wrote:
> I think I may have accidentally deleted the original reference to the 
> kitchen print, so can someone explain?  I also see a link to something 
> at LA County collections but it disappeared also.  I will try to put 
> the web site in manually in the meantime. Guinevere 

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