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Sat Aug 8 11:27:33 PDT 2009

Elaine Koogler <kiridono at gmail.com> wrote:
>  We did enjoy House on the Rock...but also visited Taliesin, Frank Lloyd
>  Wright's home and studio near Spring Green.  Absolutely gorgeous!

I made our reservations to tour Taliesin and 
Hillside. I'm trying to decide whether to go to 
House on the Rock afterwards or to one of the 
sites mentioned below.

>  Some of
>  the other places we visited that we really liked were Little Norway (south
>  of Madison), the Mustard Museum at Mt. Horeb (again south of Madison),

We arrive in Milwaukee in late evening. Then we 
have a reservation at Sanford, supposed to be one 
of the 40 best restaurants in the US. As long as 
there are no problems along the way we should be 
able to check into the hotel first. But just in 
case, i asked and the restaurant said they could 
stow our bags.

Saturday morning we pick up a Hybrid and head 
west. My plan is to use Mt. Horeb as our home 
base. We stay at a 1950s motor court. Nothin' 
fancy, knotty pine paneling, but a good price - 
and they have WiFi. And the Mustard Museum is 
there! Sometimes i just eat mustard right out of 
the jar with a spoon. (and i don't mean that fake 
French's yellow abomination!)

The main focus of the trip is visiting outsider 
art/ folk art/ vernacular art sites:
* Wally Keller's Scrap Iron Menagerie, just outside Mt. Horeb

* North: Tom Every's Forevertron, near Baraboo

* Northwest: "The Painted Forest" by Ernest 
Hüpeden (c. 1850-1911) in former "Modern Woodmen 
of America Lodge #6190", near Valton

* Southwest: Nick Engelbert's Grandview, near Hollandale

* very Southwest: The Dickeyville Grotto in, well, Dickeyville

Other things i hope we can do are:
* Amish Farmers Market Hillsboro, WI, Saturday
* Babcock Hall Dairy Store, University of 
Wisconsin-Madison - this may be our cheese stop

Too far away, unfortunately, are:
* Herman Rusch's Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden 
(between Cochrane and Fountain City)

* The Wegners' Grotto, outside Cataract
* Fred Smith's Concrete Park, in Phillips

We won't make it to The Dells, either.

We will also spend one night in a B&B near 
Sheboygan (i love saying that name). I guess I'll 
probably have to eat a brat while we're there. 
And we'll visit the John M. Kohler Arts Center.
Then on our way back to Milwaukee to turn in the 
car and catch our planes, we'll visit two more 
vernacular art sites:
* James Tellen's Woodland Sculpture Park, just south of Sheboygan

* Mary Nohl House, just north of Milwaukee

My thanks to several people have been feeding me 
info behind the scenes: Johnna, Rainvaig, and 
another Westerner who now lives in Lochac and is 
not on this list.

Someone sometimes called Urtatim

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