[Sca-cooks] Seeking Cheesy Goodness in WI

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To quote Aresty:


Top make those delicious potatoes (now a national favorite of the Swiss) an 
ordinary non-mealy boiling potato is best.  The day before you plan to serve 
the dish, boil 4 generous-size potatoes in their skin until a fork pierces 
them easily.  Peel while hot and leave in the refrigerator overnight.   The 
next day, shred potatoes on a julienne shredder that yields a strip about 
half an inch wide.  Mince a medium sized onion finely and mingle it with the 
potatoes taking care not to break them.  Heat an iron skillet and pour in 
enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom generously.  Add the potatoes; 
douse with salt and pepper to your taste;  sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of milk 
over all and let cook over a fairly brisk fire untilpotatoes are golden on 
the bottom.  Turn them carefully trying to keep the round shape intact.  (I 
invert the potatoes on a plate, then carefully slide them back into the 
skillet to finish on the other side.  A bit of trouble, but well worth it 
for the golden, crusty result)."



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> For that matter, I would be interested in any Rosti recipe (or link)- the
> hubby loves potato dishes...

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