[Sca-cooks] Another Le Mesnagier de Paris

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Aug 9 11:56:54 PDT 2009

This 2009 Le Mesnagier de Paris : La cuisine médiévale à la fin du XIVe 
siècle by Marty Dufaut Josy would be yet another version.

Maybe someone in Europe can give us a report on this 2009 Josy work 

I have the original Brereton edition published in the UK and this French
translation in paperback too. We made a trip to Blackwells to get
the Brereton. I believe it was part of my Christmas that year.


Euriol of Lothian wrote:
> Here is the information on the copy that I have:
> Brereton Georgina E.
> and Ferrier Janet M.Le Mesnagier de
> Paris [Book] / trans. Ueltschi Karin. - Paris : 
> ----- Original Message ----
> From: Johnna RE: Another Le Mesnagier de Paris
> I can't determine that from the information on Amazon.fr ;
> it's listed as being published in 2009.
> Is your copy the same number of pages with illustrations?
> Johnnae
> euriol at yahoo.com wrote:
>> I have a copy by the same title I picked up at the Cluny museum store 10 years ago. Is it a reprint?
>> Euriol

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