[Sca-cooks] Largesse: What to avoid.

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This is one reason why it is always a good idea for sitting Royalty (or Landed Baronage) to post any restrictions on the kingdom website. It can be explained more fully& in detail. 

A good example: We have our likes and dislikes posted on the Baronial page. My husband can't stand cheese (I know misguided fellow)  and I on the other hand don't like seafood in any form. So it is there for people to see. Now if one doesn't look, not much help I know.

Modern items, can be handy and not everything we do in the SCA is seen at events. Getting gift card for gas is always great, or postage stamps for thank you cards.  On occasion I have given very modern items that might have a special meaning to the recipient. Like A stuffed griffin for a new Baroness who also happens to own Griffin Dye Works.  Again this goes back to the "wish list" that can be maintained on a website.

As for alcohol: It is not allowed as an "official gift" from an officer. Nor can any SCA funds be used to purchase it, except for cooking. How we handle this in Caid is usually the alcoholic presentation is given outside of Court, as a personal gift. The SCA wide rules do exclude giving presentation as an official duty of an officer, but it was decided to handle it in this manner to avoid any confusion or problems.


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> But, I don't see throwing out the baby because one person in a thousand
> might have a problem with the bathwater.

While I understand the arguments in favour of people with food
restrictions... I'm far from being the only person with NO food
restriction whatsoever, and I, for one, really enjoy food as
gifts/largess/whatever you want to call it...
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