[Sca-cooks] Largesse: What to avoid.

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... which proved a Situation when he won Crown... the tournament winner 
is traditionally invested with a chaplet of rosemary upon victory, 
before being invested as Crown Prince.  After a while, we started to 
stock an alternate chaplet or just skip that part if he won.

And of course, the cooks were all properly warned.


avrealtor at prodigy.net wrote:
> We had a King here in Caid that was severely allergic to Rosemary. Couldn't even touch it or be around it (or anyone who had handled it)
> -Muiriath
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> Judith Epstein wrote:
>> (Yes, I'm thinking of myself, here -- I couldn't accept a  rosary, no matter how nicely offered, because I'm not religiously permitted to accept that type of thing. But because it's considered such a breach of etiquette to refuse a gift, I'd be stuck looking very rude, because I would give precedence to my religious principles over SCA etiquette. A person who has particularly severe allergies might be in the same position, with regard to largesse of foods. 
> Except that the person with allergies has the simple option of saying "thank you very mug," handung the basket to a retainer, and *not eating the contents*.  If they were *really* worried, they could ask a retainer to take the basket without handling it themselves (although I've never heard of an allergy quite that severe, unless possibly the basket had been smeared with peanut butter, wiped, and put back into service).
> -- Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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