[Sca-cooks] Largesse: What to avoid.

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Our closest baronial neighbor to the south made a wonderful no kidding many
many filled baskets as a thank you for our shire allowing them to hold an
event on our "lands".  For many moons, chocolate chip cookies have been
referred to as coin of the realm.   In court they presented these baskets
filled with ziploc baggies of cookies. (and chocolate kisses) The rub was
that as well meaning as over a hundred dozen cookies meant, some of them had
nuts in them, and were packaged together.  Thank goodness it was discovered
early enough that our people up here with nut allergies could stay away.
 But it kept them from sharing in the booty. Something to think about when
making way cool food stuff for something like that.

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> This is a subject that was recently discussed on other E-Lists of which I
> am a member. Their Majesties put out a request, privately, for items to give
> to other Royals, as well as Thank Yous.
> The suggestions that were discussed were small sewing kits, with
> embroidered covers(a sewing book, so to speak). The handkerchiefs that His
> Grace mentioned, embroidered pin cushions, handmade jewelry, beeswax, fine
> linen yardage, a selection of silk embroidery threads, thimbles, small
> scissors, embroidered sweet bags...and so on.
> I have had my hand in preparing?gift baskets for Our various Royals to give
> at Wars. We were given a choice of which Kingdom to handle, told where to do
> the searching,?to go forth and surprise everyone. For example, the Queen of
> one Kingdom was an Embroidery Laurel. She received a box of Silks, along
> with a Gold needle in a Victorian Gothic styled needle case and a pair of
> small scissors. Another Queen was a know Chocoholic-she was gifted with
> handmade chocolate roses, in a small basket lined with linen embroidered
> with her own personal device.
> The key is getting what Their Majesties want, not guess. To that end, talk
> to Their People, for if They are on their toes, they have a Largess
> Wrangler. It makes it so much easier on the Royals, when they have a
> designated gift organizer.
> Helen
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> I think it depends on what you mean by largess.
> Are you making gift baskets or items to be given to the
> Crown to use Themselves or for Them to give out?
> BIG difference there.
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