[Sca-cooks] How was Pennsic?

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 15:15:35 PDT 2009

Well, here goes:

We arrived later than expected on Friday (7/31) because of flight delays.
First thing that happened was my credit card company froze my card because
they didn't know I was on vacation and saw two WalMart runs (OH and PA) in
very short order - luckily that was quickly resolved and I was free to shop
to my hearts content!

Yes, first week was rainy and muddy and muggy.  Our camp (in the bog) had
several "drunk traps" also know as drainage ditches dug through it.  We had
some more rain over the weekend but by Tuesday it had pretty much stopped.
Every day there was the threat of rain but thankfully it didn't
materialize.  We were able to drop all the canvas dry.

Battles - who cares who won - that wasn't the problem, the problem was all
the unnecessary [in my opinion and the opinion of many others] pomp(ous) and
ceremony that the East and the Mid put everyone through.  From the shaking
of hands (yes, first battle, everyone on the battle field had to shake hands
with one other person on the opposite site - one by one) through the several
courts that were held during other battles!  Totally sucked the fun out of
it for just about everyone else.  My husband is even thinking of leaving his
armor at home next year he was so annoyed.

Wednesday there were no war points so we stayed in camp and Beenie and I
made breakies for everyone - eggs, pork products, cheese, potatoes, bread,
butter - not period but then again we don't live in a period encampment -
everyone was full and happy by the time it was over!  The rumor was that
with no war point on Wednesday all the fighters would be rested and ready
for midnight madness - don't know how well that worked for them!

We took a walk and found the oven at the corner of Battle Road and
Fosseway.  They used fire bricks and mud - they would have preferred clay
but they used what was there.  They had taught a class earlier in the day
but were very kind when we stopped by as they were getting ready to throw
some bread in.  I do not know the name of the encampment but I appreciate
them taking the time to show us the oven and let us take pictures.  Now I
want one for the back yard!!!!

As for classes - I always have great expectations and then never manage to
get to them.  Thankfully one of our campmates pulled out her lampwork stuff
and taught an impromptu class - I now have a new hobby and just went on line
to purchase my own starter kit!

Outlands Royal had a very nice Haflah on Thursday night - that was the night
of many other goings on:  The Hoidy/Toidy at Bardicci, East Kingdom Court
(with a laureling ceremony I understand!), and several other parties
including our own "fry night" where our camp fries EVERYTHING!

Warning:  personal venting follows:
The Coopers and the Mayor obviously have zero respect for the archers - they
stuck them out in Pennsic Ohio - about a mile out behind the storage
trailers - it was truly stinky of  them.  The alleged problem was that
arrows landed in land the Coopers didn't own on the top of Mount Eislin -
what they wanted was to be able to make that area parking and threw the
archers out.  A friend has a picture of "Way to damm far road" with an arrow
and "archery" under it.  No consideration for the archers (yes I am one).
Just like Estrella a few years ago at the new site when the archery field
was over the railroad tracks and back down about a mile.  don't know where
else they could have moved them but it certainly didn't have to be that far
- the buses almost never ran (especially in the rain and during the mud)
I'm guessing others may have other opinions - that's just mine.

All in all we had a good time as usual.  Didn't do as much shoppies as I
might have but did get everything I wanted (and then some)

Hope others will add their voice to this thread.


On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 3:47 PM, Stefan li Rous
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> <<< I've been catching up on e-mail since our return from Pennsic VERY late
> last
> night.
> Shoshanna (who is very tired but thankfully no longer muddy) >>>
> "no longer muddy"??? Uh oh.
> I haven't heard any real reports about Pennsic this year yet and didn't get
> to go this year.
> So what happened? And I'm not really interested in who won what battles,
> since I'm sure to hear plenty of that on other lists. I'm more interested in
> what the weather was like, who did what, did anyone take any interesting
> classes etc.
> Thanks,
>  Stefan
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