[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: Wanted: Opinions on Controversial Florilegium article

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Mon Aug 10 20:46:51 PDT 2009

Stefan li Rous wrote:
> Greetings to my fellow SCA-Cooks list members,
> Recently I added a new article to the Florilegium and announced it in 
> this month's Florilegium article. I got two, ah, strongly worded, 
> demands that I remove the article form the Florilegium. I have since 
> reviewed the article again and do not find it untruthful, although 
> perhaps it does not always paint the Society in the best light.
> The article is this one:
> SG-SCA-Youth-art  (10K)  6/22/09  "Survival Guide for an SCA Youth" by 
> Lady
>                                      Gormlaith Bebbin Kathleen 
> HRothgarsdottir.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/CHILDREN/SG-SCA-Youth-art.html
For the record: I raised several charming young ladies, as well as my 
own kids, in the SCA. There is nothing in that article that I didn't say 
to my crew at one time or another. I think it was well spoken and realistic.

And threatening her father is WAAAAAAAY out of line. She is, as she 
noted, of age. Threats and retaliation are not appropriate, no matter 
who is ticked off. If they don't like the article, they should write one 
of their own.


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