[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: Wanted: Opinions on Controversial Florilegium article

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 05:35:38 PDT 2009

I pretty much agree with all of the other opinions stated here.  I know that
these things exist...though I don't have any children.  I do worry about
young people, especially in light of the fact that Atlantia recently had one
of its peers permanently banished from the SCA.  At least that shows that we
CAN police ourselves!  It does contain information that all young people
should have.  My only concern is that it could be interpreted as being very
negative against the SCA and implies that all adult members do these kind of
things.  It would be better if it contained some positive things that
involve young people.  But no, I don't think you should pull it...and tend
to agree that those putting pressure and issuing threats to her parents
should be given a very firm lesson on how those in authority should behave.
It IS a shame that one of the problems she cites should be brought to bear
over her article, thereby proving her point!  We have to remember that we
lead by example, and this is a VERY POOR example...and yes, I am also


PS:  I also believe it will have more traction with teens because it was
written by a teen than anything any of us adults could possibly say!

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 11:29 PM, Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
> wrote:

> Greetings to my fellow SCA-Cooks list members,
> Recently I added a new article to the Florilegium and announced it in this
> month's Florilegium article. I got two, ah, strongly worded, demands that I
> remove the article form the Florilegium. I have since reviewed the article
> again and do not find it untruthful, although perhaps it does not always
> paint the Society in the best light.
> The article is this one:
> SG-SCA-Youth-art  (10K)  6/22/09  "Survival Guide for an SCA Youth" by Lady
>                                     Gormlaith Bebbin Kathleen
> HRothgarsdottir.
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/CHILDREN/SG-SCA-Youth-art.html
> The comments included:
> "This article does nothing but portrait the SCA as a group of backstabbing
> sexual deviants who engage in sexual harassment and under-age drinking of
> the worst kind with enough members who are aware of such behavior yet turn a
> blind eye or two." and
> "I was deeply disturbed and concerned about what this young lady is
> intimating about the SCA.  As a parent this would scare me off from the
> organization and really puts us all in a bad light that we would continue to
> allow this behavior by our members and turn a blind eye."
> My own feeling was that none of what the author said was untrue. I've seen
> much of it in my 20 years in the Society. This list is a collection of
> diverse individuals with a lot of different opinions at times. I would
> appreciate hearing your opinions on this article. I am not in a Peer-protoge
> relationship with anyone to turn to. There are however a number of Peers,
> and others that I highly respect on this list. I am interested in comments
> from non-Peers and folks with and without children or teenagers, as well.
> Should I remove it because it puts our Society in a bad light? Or leave it
> as a useful article for the teenagers in the SCA?
> The author was under pressure from her local group and then her Royalty to
> remove the article and have threatened her father, a Peer, with loss of his
> Peerage. I probably will remove the article because of her request.
> I am unlikely to grant the request of a Royal just because they are a
> Royal. On the otherhand, I am willing to be convinced that I was wrong to
> have ever considered adding this article to the Florilegium.
> I don't think this is appropriate discussion for this list, so please email
> me with your comments, pro or con.
> Thank you.
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