[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: Wanted: Opinions on Controversial Florilegiumarticle

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 11 10:46:25 PDT 2009

That's a good point Chass.  That is something that no Crown can do 
because a Peerage is Society-wide.  What would the BoD make of a request 
to remove a peerage for this reason?  Said blowhard-with-a-crown is 
still likely to make life uncomfortable for the lass and her family 

I hope you folks give permission to send the author the "you go girl" 
emails you are sending.  Maybe that will help change her mind. 

You go girl!

Selene Colfox, OP, Caid
permission given to share this letter with anybody

Chass Brown wrote:
> Do they not have to jump through hoops like BOD to remove a peerage? 
> Aye I have been in the sca 17 years. I have seen many of the things 
> she describes.. a lot more of the backstabbing, brown nosing, etc than 
> I care to. We just learn who to stay clear of..escort out of my 
> encampment.. If they find offense maybe they shoudl reevaluate or 
> remove those rose colored glasses.
> Chass
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>> Greetings to my fellow SCA-Cooks list members,
>> Recently I added a new article to the Florilegium and announced it in 
>> this month's Florilegium article. I got two, ah, strongly worded,  
>> demands that I remove the article form the Florilegium. I have since  
>> reviewed the article again and do not find it untruthful, although  
>> perhaps it does not always paint the Society in the best light.
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