[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: Wanted: Opinions on Controversial Florilegium article

Patricia Dunham chimene at ravensgard.org
Tue Aug 11 12:48:07 PDT 2009

I noticed that go by in the latest monthly article list, but didn't 
look at it then.  Hope you can retain it; I think it's valuable.

I think it shows the SCA in a responsible light, not a bad one!  As a 
matter of fact, re-reading the comments you included, it feels a 
little like the objectors might be protesting a little too much???? 
(Ditto the reaction of the Royal involved!)

I read the whole thing and felt it was remarkably well-worded to 
convey the cautions without being overly eek-freek about things.  (I 
really liked her use of the "things that cannot be UNseen" theme, I 
think it would resonate with kids.)  I agree with whoever suggested 
including "written at the age of X, after Y years of Society 
experience" might be helpful for some older people trying to evaluate 
it for their own kids.

AS A NON-DRINKER, I think the parts about being politely 
disinterested in mystery beverages could maybe stand to be included 
in intro info for folk of ALL ages!

I would have NO qualms about my home-school 16yo reading this, we 
haven't done much camping since he was VERY little, so there are gaps 
in his "acculturation".


>The article is this one:
>SG-SCA-Youth-art  (10K)  6/22/09  "Survival Guide for an SCA Youth" by Lady
>                                      Gormlaith Bebbin Kathleen 
>The comments included:
>"This article does nothing but portrait the SCA as a group of 
>backstabbing sexual deviants who engage in sexual harassment and 
>under-age drinking of the worst kind with enough members who are 
>aware of such behavior yet turn a blind eye or two." and
>"I was deeply disturbed and concerned about what this young lady is 
>intimating about the SCA.  As a parent this would scare me off from 
>the organization and really puts us all in a bad light that we would 
>continue to allow this behavior by our members and turn a blind eye."

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