[Sca-cooks] OP/OT: update on Controversial Florilegium article

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Tue Aug 11 13:48:36 PDT 2009

Sorry didn't follow this thread but this caught my eye.

Peerage is given on personal merit and should never be withheld because of
an issue involving parenting.
The King is showing poor judgement. If there is a problem with the daughter
then the issue needs to be resolved though talks, not blackmail.


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I should be off at a professional gathering (there's this job I
need...) :-) but a quick message here.

I've glanced through the several digests I've already gotten and my
email. Thank you all for your replies both pro and con.

One correction. The lady's father does NOT have his Laurel yet. The
King has apparently just threatened that he ever wants one he needs to
reel in his unruly daughter. So there isn't a problem with the Crown
removing a Peerage, which apparently can't be done except by the BoD.

There have been some useful suggestions made on re-writing the article
such as bringing out that this is a worst-case scenario and isn't to
be expected at every event but is still something to be on guard
against. She is considering doing a rewrite. I hope she can stand up
to the local and Royal pressure and do so. She is a stubborn young
lady and I think she will if she is the only one affected, but she
also doesn't want to see her father hurt who has worked so long for
his Laurel. Me? Well, I'm probably already known for not obeying a
Crown just because they are the Crown and another bit of non-political
correctness is not likely to affect my Peerage prospects.

There is no question on removing the article from the Florilegium if
that is what the author wants me to do. I don't like to do that. If I
don't think something is a good useful message or article, it simply
doesn't get into the Florilegium. And I thought that this was a good,
useful article that would warn folks about some things. I thought that
since it was written by someone not much older than a teen that they
might be more likely to listen than they would to us older folks or


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