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Helena that is not true any establishement or place of public accomidation 
(yes the sca is a place of public accomidation) are entitled to ask 3 

1) Are you disabled (note not able to ask the reason your disabled)?
2) Is that a service Animal?
3) What tasks does he perform to mitigate your disability? (also note doesnt 
give them right to decide if task is good enough sample answers guide 
animal, siezure alert animal, mobility assist, hearing alert animal, but if 
you ehar things like he helps me with my depression or he calms me down 
those are emotional support animals and not covered by the ADA which is 
where service animals are allowed).

I would honestly ask about the service cat. There is not honest proof of 
service animals, well over 90% are owner trained. They do not have to have 
certification (is against the law to actually ask for that). Service animals 
are viewed as durable medical equipment. also falsly claiming an animal as a 
service animal is against the law and is a fineable offense.

Chass who is Wheelchair bound but not bound to give up

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> ooo! Pennsic prohibits animals of all kinds except service animals.
> does that mean I could bring my horse and
> use him as a service animal?

Why not? There was someone there with a "service cat"... Plus, I have it 
from Someone In Authority that the powers that be can't ask what you need 
the service critter for or even ask for proof that it actually is a service 

However, I think I remember seeing in the Pennsic rules somewhere that 
horses are specificallyl prohibited (Though my memory may be faulty, and I'm 
sure someone will issue a correction if necessary.)

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