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Thank you for your help Johnnae and Admantius... is always good to check on
this list for information on cooking..



On 8/12/09, Johnna Holloway <johnnae at mac.com> wrote:
> Ok, I have my copy right here. It doesn't have modernized recipes.
> It has descriptive passages from early texts that are dietary in nature.
> There's a huge glossary and bibliography. You can use Dalby to get to the
> actual sources, but you are going to have to either buy more books
> or spend a lot of time in a library, a great academic library at that.
> You aren't going to be able to just buy
> Dalby and walk in a kitchen and cook full meals from what he provides.
> Devra sells this book Byzantine Cuisine –$45.00 by* *Henry Marks.
> http://www.poisonpenpress.com/cookery.html
> "He has taken a number of Byzantine recipes from referenced sources and has
> adapted them for modern tastes while remaining as true as possible to the
> original; each recipe is annotated with literary, historical, and culinary
> information."
> You might like it to start with.
> Johnnae (playing librarian)
> Mariann Eaves wrote:
>> I was perusing Potboiler Press (which btw is finally up and going, Yay
>> http://tranq3.tranquility.net/~potboilerpress/ ) and found Andrew Dalby,
>> Flavors of Byzantium listed.  Is this a good book to start out with in
>> learning to cook foods from the Bysantium period?
>> YIS,
>> Saraqan
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