[Sca-cooks] How was Pennsic?

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Brangwayna Morgan said:
<<< I had asked about peach recipes, and I ended up making a peach  
tart from a
recipe called "To make all maner of fruit tartes", from one of the
Elizabethan sources.  It was mostly the peaches cooked down and  
mashed, sugar, and
spices, and it did not solidify while baking, so that we ended up  
eating it
out of the crust with spoons.  I'm not sure whether it got baked too  
fast and
too hot (quite likely) or if I didn't add enough sugar (also quite  
I know that Elizabethans used large amounts of sugar, and I only put in
enough to cut the tartness. >>>

Have you posted the recipe? Did you use fresh or canned peaches?

<<< My favorite class was one called "Circa 1200".  It was done by a  
couple who
has developed alternate personas as Yorkshire peasants from 1200, and  
do demos showing and talking about their lives and what their house  
like and such.  They apparently go into schools and everything.  Gave  
me some
new ideas for the next time we set up our tent as a "tailor's shop" at a
demo. >>>

Oooh. I wish I'd been there for that! Did they have a class handout?  
Do you know who they are, or even better, have contact info?

My persona is 1150s in York Shire, so it sounds like they might have  
some useful info or resources that I could use.

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