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Well, they're down to two routes, one that runs all over the camping
areas and into the archery area which is WAY the blazes away from
anywhere, and nother that goes out into parking that overlaps the
first route. There are Stars on the map that show where to official
stops are, and the drivers are very good about stopping and picking up
or dropping people wherever along the route they ask to be picked up
or delivered, but te route is VERY long, and there re an overabundance
of idiots who walk or park their vehicles in such a manner that the
buses do have trouble getting through.

I think it would help considerably if benches were provided for long
waits. Severl Officil bus stops just aren't where a sensible person
with standing issues would want to sit on the ground.

I will say, however, that the buses did run fairly late, until
midnight during the latter part of Pennsic. The half hour that the
drivers tok for lunch, however, caused another long delay for those of
us attempting to get anyplace.
A substitute driver would simplify things considerably.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 4:43 AM, Stefan li
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> Brangwayna  Morgan commented:
> <<< There are also the buses that run around site, but if you aren't on one
> of
> the routes or if climbing bus steps is an issue that may not be helpful. >>>
> I don't think they run after dark and as others have mentioned they have
> been extremely irregular.
> One of the problems I've had with them is actually with the map in the
> Pennsic booklet. When I first started going to Pennsic, Pennsic 20, the two
> page map had all of the roads labeled and included the bus route(s) and all
> the bus stops. As the years have gone by, they have kept the same format for
> the map, two pages in the center of the Pennsic booklet, but the scale of
> the map has decreased as the area that Pennsic encompasses has gotten larger
> and larger.
> The bus stops disappeared. Then the bus routes disappeared. I can't remember
> if the road names have disappeared or not. But it is getting harder and
> harder to know where to catch the busses or with multiple routes, which bus
> to catch to go where you wish to go.
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