[Sca-cooks] Thank you for the help

Cheri or Anne celticcheri at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 13 16:09:45 PDT 2009

I'd like to thank all who helped me clean my copper pot!  The vinegar and salt did the trick, along with lots and lots of scrubbing!  And I still have a small spot with green on it.  I'll get that little sucker tomorrow, I'm all scrubbed out tonight.
Because I can't post pics here I put some on my facebook account under Photos - name - Copper Pot if anyone would like to see the pot and the other items that came in the lot just use my e-mail address to find me.
I have to go off now and soak my green fingers in some bleach.......
Thank you all so much!

Go softly and gently for those you meet here will be
those you know hereafter."



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