[Sca-cooks] Need some recipes- Spanish/Portugise

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 14 23:06:11 PDT 2009

De asked:

<<< My wee little Shire has been asked to serve lunch at an event. We  
have been
asked to serve stuff that is Spanish or Portugese and would have been  
at a faire/festival. >>>

Cold foods only? Finger foods only?

Here are some Florilegium files which might be of use:

fd-Portugal-msg   (10K)  9/19/05    Food of medieval Portugal.  
fd-Spain-msg     (176K)  1/29/08    Food of medieval Spain. Cookbooks.

Fadalat-art       (58K)  8/15/08    "Culinary Abundance With Recipes  
                                        Medieval Variations".  
                                        by Susan Lord-Williams.
Guisados1-art    (220K)  5/28/01    A translation of Ruperto de Nola's
                                        1529 "Libre del Coch", part 1  
of 2
                                        by Mistress Brighid ni Chiarain.
Guisados2-art    (116K)  5/28/01    "Libre del Coch". part 2 of 2.
                                        Lenten recipes.

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