[Sca-cooks] Henry VIII diet

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Aug 16 07:17:45 PDT 2009

But where did this menu or list come from?

Google Books has among other things  The privy purse expences of King 
Henry the Eighth: from November MDXXIX, to ...
 By Nicholas Harris Nicolas

There we can read that fruits and herbs were delivered from the king's 
A ha, perhaps he didn't have to "buy" his vegetables at market rates.


Stefan li Rous wrote:
> From the Lochac list.
> <<<
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbgcDxAQSgQ is someone buying what
> Henry VIII ate in a week.
> I'm not sure the comments on vegetables is correct. I wish I knew 
> which records were used to construct this video.
> Comments? Stefan

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