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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sun Aug 16 22:38:43 PDT 2009

Alys Katherine replied to me with:

<<< Stefan wrote:
The bus stops disappeared. Then the bus routes disappeared. I can't
remember if the road names have disappeared or not. But it is getting
harder and harder to know where to catch the busses or with multiple
routes, which bus to catch to go where you wish to go.

The map was re-done this year.  Major roads are listed as are the bus
routes and which bus goes where. >>>

Wonderful. I guess someone has listened to my complaints. Or more  
likely others have had the same problems. My apologies for the mis- 
information. I guess that is what I get for not being able to go the  
last two years.

<<< There even was a bus schedule printed of
which buses were running on which days with the times of service (9 a.m.
to approximately midnight). >>>

Much better. Especially for folks on the Serrengetti who want to  
attend parties down around the lake, or folks who wanted to attend  
something like the SCA-Cooks pot luck but dreaded the climb back up  
that @#$$ hill.

<<< The bog bus was a short school bus. >>>

The first year they replaced the tractor drawn wagons with school  
buses they had some of the really long ones and I was amazed they  
managed to get them around some of those corners. I imagine the reason  
they replaced the tractors and wagons was for insurance reasons, but  
the buses do carry more people, although more, smaller, vehicles/ 
wagons would decrease the wait and maybe the unknown of just when the  
vehicle would appear.  Often with the tractors, I don't remember this  
with the buses as much, after a long wait two wagons would appear one  
after the other.

<<< As to bus stops, while there were official ones, you could pretty  
flag down a bus whenever it went by. >>>

Two years ago they seemed to be doing this, but I wasn't sure what the  
official rules on this were. I didn't know if the drivers were just  
being nice or what. And I didn't want to step out in front to flag  
down a bus and then find out that driver didn't stop for anyone or  
anything. It's one thing to heroically get hurt in battle. Another to  
get run over by a school bus. :-)  Nor did I wish to slow the buses  
down for everyone else.

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