[Sca-cooks] Iron Chef Chairman dances with stars

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 19 10:53:23 PDT 2009

Mark Dacascos is a very noted martial artist as well as actor.  I bet he 
will be a very interesting contestant!

He's also been in "CSI," "The Crow" and "Stargate" so yet again, he 
shows up on yet another Extremely Addictive Television Phenomenon.  I'm 
sure this is on purpose.


Kathleen A Roberts wrote:
> I see that the actor who places the Chairman on Iron Chef America is 
> slated to be on this season of Dancing with the Stars.  No 
> announcement as to who his partner will be.
> That should be interesting...
> cailte
> admitted DWTS junkie 

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