[Sca-cooks] Salt Plates

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 19 11:09:28 PDT 2009

>> Don't ask me how they clean them to health department standards.  Yes I know the
>> salt is supposed to kill all the germs, etc. but health departments may not
>> be so flexible about surfaces upon which food is served, etc.
>> Selene
>> _______________________________________________
>  I'm sure that after cleaning them, if you once again heat them up to a
> certain degree... all bacteria will be killed. And of course salt has been
> used for a food preservative for ages for good reason.
> Saraqan

Oh I understand that already.  I'm talking law and how it is practiced 
and followed.  If a city has a law that all plates must go into the 
dishwasher, without exceptions, they cannot use this kind of plate, can 


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