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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 19 22:11:15 PDT 2009

Daniel asked:
<<< Hmmm... there are Louisianan salt mines and some in Texas too if I  
am not
mistaken.  Bet the price would not be so outrageous if their product's
quality is comparable.  Anyone know if such is marketed? >>>
Not that I know of. The Texas stuff is plain, white, translucent  
stuff, and doesn't have the pink bands running through it that I saw  
in the web photographs of the Indian salt.
I'll have to ask my mom what happened to the fist-sized chunk of salt  
that used it sit on a shelf when I was growing up. They no longer do  
it, probably because of insurance and safety reasons, but my family  
went on a tour through one of the Texas salt mines. One of my younger  
brothers started crying and a miner chipped off the chunk of salt from  
the wall hoping it would quiet him down.

I think this is the same brother who lost his cheap straw hat at  
Hoover Dam and his crying there got us a quick tour down through the  
service tunnels of the dam with a worker. At the bottom of the dam, we  
had to stand in the doorway, while he went out on the apron and  
retrieved the hat. But this was a vantage point that most tourists  
don't get to see. The worker said that the week before, some guy also  
lost his hat, an expensive one $19 (this was back in the 60x) but it  
blew into the water so couldn't be retrieved.
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