[Sca-cooks] Substitute for tomatoes?

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Aug 21 10:49:09 PDT 2009

Looking at just substitutes for tomatoes and skipping the period aspects,
you can run this search on Google and come up with tomato substitutes
for people with allergies.

This seems to be a possible answer:

//From Ask.com
I am allergic to tomatoes and would like a substitute for it in the 
black bean chilli recipes and/or italian food.I cannot have tomato sauce 
or tomato paste. Anyone have any suggestions?

1. Make a sauce by boiling red lentils in a small amount of water.
They will basically dissolve into a puree. You can then season them, and 
add water or whatever you need to make the right consistancy for your needs.
I'd test the chili before making a whole pot but it may work.
It works real well fo pasta sauce, for the pasta sauce, add your 
veggies, and then add a good amount of paprika to darken it and it 
tastes great...

      Source(s): I do the lentil sauce all the time.

2. It depends upon what you are eating. Pesto, which is made with fresh 
basil makes a wonderful pasta sauce--best if you make it yourself, but 
sometimes you can buy a decent premade one. You can also buy a premade 
Bertolli cheese sauce (right next to the tomato sauce in the grocery) 
that you could use on pasta.

It might also work with bean recipes if you are looking for a sauce. 
Otherwise, I'd just use some herbs and spices with the beans like fresh 
chopped cilantro and a sprinkle of cumin and maybe a squirt of lemon or 
lime juice (fresh of course). Onions and green pepper would make a nice 
addition too.

3. Use roasted red peppers from a jar. Put them in the blender, puree 
and then put in a pot. Add garlic and fresh herbs, a little red wine, 
just like you would if making a tomato based sauce. It's great over 
pasta. You could also use the red pepper puree in chili.

You can search for more that might work for you. Try using the words 
tomato substitutes.


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